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American University, School of Public Affairs 

Mock Trial Team Rises in the East

SPA Professor Publishes Bible on Voter Turnout

Political Communication Grad Masters the Field

The Headscarf Divide: Sarah Fischer

Against Juvenile "Death by Incarceration"

SPA Collaborates with RAND on African First Ladies Fellowship Program

Vlogging on the Middle East: Diane Singerman

SPA PhD Grad Wins Volcker Award for Groundbreaking Research on Government Contracting: Amanda Girth

SPA Justice Grad Takes on the House Floor: Shuwanza Goff

O.D. in Action: Rod Allen

Human Rights Class Brings Real Change

An Education behind the Scenes: Jenna Sablan

A Site for National Service: Chris Golden

Living the Dream Job: Brian Egger

Cigarette Trafficking: Sharon Melzer

Toward Community Change: Courtney McSwain

Migration and Local Politics in Mexico: Michael Danielson

Rob Engel's Class Brings Congress to Campus


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